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If you keep being so nice I might not have a choice. I need people like you too, but for now, I shall talk to you like this. But promise me you won't let any one shake your foundation and that you will stand firm. -M

I don’t need to keep up being nice, do you know the difference between nice and pleasant? I think I’m pleasant… We can keep talking but you know being Anon technically makes our conversation public. If you’re okay with that, then so be it. :)

Anonymous asked:

As much as I would love to tell you who I am I will give you an initial (M) so you know it's me. If i were to tell you, you would probably want nothing to do with me. So I shall stay anonymous. But keep your beliefs, and don't let anyone ever shake them. The only one who should have any impact on your standards is you. (M)

Thanks M… Please think about revealing yourself to me, I’m a good egg I don’t judge people, I am very friendly and approachable, I like making new friends. I hope one day you will change your mind, meanwhile please keep talking to me when you have the most convenient time. :)

Hazy hugs to you :)

For the yearning to be one with the immensity of space was the greatest dream, to which all other dreams of my spirit followed: reading learnt of the joys of reading through reading about why stars twinkle, science learnt of the insatiable desire for breadth of knowledge, flying and the wonder in spreading of the human spirit’s wings, drawing learnt to paint of the picturesque skies. To which set the precipice for understanding of life, understanding for joy, and eventually sorrow and its meaning. Most of all, the proclivity for our mortality, and our possible immortality, this was the dream to all dreams flowed- the dream for the stars.

Hazel Atarashi©- snippets

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gaaaah! You are so fucking magnificent sometimes that I can’t help but to want to blow myself away like eraser dust and let you redraw me. As you want, as however you want. Or maybe, if it pleases you, I could break you down and re arrange you so that no one will want to take you home but me me me. Because I like your gooey, beautiful white soul more than you can imagine.Or or or I could scrawl my name all over you and mark you as mine

let me hug you bae thank youuuuuuuuu <3

are these guys morons?

So, two times this week I’ve been told that I have a “juvenile” and “naive” outlook on relationships. Both of which I have been called before, but somehow it struck a nerve this time.

The first male who told me this was a supervisor at work who advised me to be more “slutty” and also to not expect guys to not cheat in relationships, that any guy would cheat if given the chance. He also made an advance on me which I denied (hes also married). He then told me I was too “old fashioned” and naive to have such standards. This didn’t really bother me, until I heard it again, the other night. I was on a date with a guy, and when he tried to have sex with me I said no. (I hadn’t only met him once before) He blamed my reluctance on shyness and said that I had juvenile values when it comes to dating.

This surprised me. A somewhat sad realization popped up in my mind that maybe I really am naive. Maybe people are just like this.

Sweet ANON (I received this a couple of days ago and have mulled over it)

You are in love with my being,

my kneecaps and my fingertips and all.

You are in love with my ability to hold and keep scars.

You are in love with the part of me I show you,

in verse and in hidden black and white blurs.

You are in love with the rawness of me,

but I don’t understand why you must be this way.

But you and I are human

and we are constrained by time

and our tendency to die.

So if you love me,

tell me in no uncertain terms.

Tell me that you love me

so that I can love you.

I will grow to love entire armies.

Also, usually I don’t keep anonymous messages,

but for you

I shall make an exception.

You, I shall keep.